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Student Alleges Rape by Football Player, Inaction by UNC

Posted: September 19, 2016 at 5:20 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
(Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

(Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

A student attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has claimed she was raped by a football player at the school earlier in the year.

A press conference was held earlier in the week by UNC Sophomore Delaney Robinson to allow her to discuss the alleged delays in her case while at the same time pushing for change in the treatment of sexual assault and rape victims.  Robinson said it was important to her to bring the issue to light, not only for herself, but for all those who are “not protected.”

According to Robinson, the alleged incident occurred on Valentine’s Day in the Ram Village apartments on the school’s campus.  A linebacker for the UNC football team, Allen Artis, has been accused.  Team officials noted that, in accordance with university policy, he has since been suspended from the team.

“Robinson requested self-sworn warrants for misdemeanor assault on a female and misdemeanor sexual battery as a result of the Orange County District Attorney’s refusal to prosecute the case despite sufficient physical evidence,” writes Robinson’s attorney’s office.

Artis was served with a misdemeanor warrant upon his arrival to the magistrate’s office on Wednesday morning, reports Andrea Blanford for ABC11.

Robinson said she did everything as a rape victim that she was supposed to do, including reporting it, allowing the rape kit to be taken, offering a statement, and fully cooperating with police officers and the Title IX office.  However, it has been six months since the incident, and she claims that the university has yet to act.

“I’m taking this public stand not for me, but for the other students on campus who are not protected, despite what the University tells us. I love this University. It’s my home. I plan on graduating. But I expect the University to fulfill its promises to me and to all students,” she said.

In an email, Denise Branch, an attorney for Robinson, said that the UNC Department of Public Safety said they did not see enough evidence to support any criminal charges to be made.  However, Branch maintains that the physical examination initially conducted on Robinson the night of the incident showed blunt force trauma to her genitals as well as bruising to her neck.

Branch added that not only did Robinson immediately seek out law enforcement, but she continues to fully cooperate with them.

She went on to say that she was told by Orange County District Attorneys that “unconsciousness is rape, black out drunk is not rape.”

Robinson has admitted to underage drinking the night of the alleged incident.  She said that while she does take responsibility for that, she notes that it does not give anyone the right to violate her, adding, “I did not deserve to be raped.”

Branch noted that officials told her they are waiting for the results of Robinson’s BAC from that night.  However, under new Title IX rules, the BAC of the alleged victim cannot be used, and that active consent must be obtained in order to participate in sexual intercourse, writes Olivia Messer for The Daily Beast.

A statement has been issued by the school concerning the incident, saying they take allegations of sexual violence or misconduct seriously, adding that federal law does not allow them to discuss the situation further.

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