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Watch Tom Hiddleston Relish Another Villainous Turn In Jaguar XE Commercial

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Tom Hiddleston Villain Jaguar XE "Release the cats"

Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as British villain in Jaguar’s newest commercial for its XE sports car.

The Art of Villainy Jaguar ads went viral with “Rendezvous,” the ad that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl with Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, and Ben Kingsley. It was a tongue-in-cheek, glamorous, look at why Brits make the best villains.

Directed by Tom Hooper, the man behind Les Miserables and The King’s Speech, the visuals are lush, opulent, and evoke the action of a James Bond film at every turn. In a Making of video Hooper explains his draw to the commercial.

“This just struck me as, you know, a really great story and very funny. And like all good ideas, it hit at a truth and I found myself, sort of, wondering why is this cliche true? Why do Brits make such good villains? To get that cast: Mark Strong, Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, who are famous for playing iconic bad guys, to get them to reference some of their own performances and their own attitudes to villainy I thought was great fun.”

Tom Hiddleston goes on to explain what he thinks goes into making a good villain.

“A villain is in control. A villain is a mask of elegance and style, behind which is a whirring and brilliant intelligence, but the trick is to make it all look easy. I think the best bad guys are very charming and very witty and their villainy, as it were, comes at the twist of the wrist or flick of a finger, we never break a sweat. We don’t get our hands dirty. And the devil plays all the best tunes, particularly in a British accent.”

These things he does rather well in his second Jaguar commercial experience, while also reciting Shakespeare.

This week they released their newest “Good to be Bad” ad.

With a twinkle in his eye, Hiddleston declares, “It’s time for a change. A new plan needs a new boss,” as he feeds Kingsley’s bow-tie to the big black jaguar roaming around the office behind him.

Hiddleston looks to his “Q” type gadgets guy, played by fellow Brit Nicholas Hoult, to reveal that the new plan is to build a better sports car — the Jaguar XE.

“Go forth my pretty ones. Go forth and rule the road” indeed.

When you’re not catching Hiddleston on your television in this commercial, look for him in his upcoming movie Crimson Peak opening on October 16.

[Image courtesy Jaguar UK]

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