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Vice City Is Back: ‘GTA V’ Mods Recreate Nostalgic Vice City Map, But Still In Progress

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‘GTA V’ Mods Recreate Nostalgic Vice City Map

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), development doesn’t necessarily go forward. Sometimes, it goes back.

GTA is not GTA if there are no players investing hours of love and labor to create some of the best and craziest mods for the regular GTA V-playing public. And while GTA V mods continue to pour out week by week, enticing GTA V players to tweak their own games to their liking, some GTA V mods are undeniably a cut above the rest.

Recently, another jaw-dropping mod is teased to the GTA V public, Game Rant reports. YouTube user and GTA V modder taltigolt posted a video showing what they have done so far in their project to recreate the Vice City map in GTA V. Watch the video below.

The 12-minute video showcases the hard work GTA V modders have been putting to the Vice City recreation project. While this is still a small chunk of the humongous GTA V map transformed to look like Vice City, it’s worth noting that GTA V has been released to PC only a few months back. A similar Vice City recreation project was also done for GTA IV in the past, and that project took modders two years to finish. With just months into the GTA V release, and the amazing work shown in taltigolt’s video, it’s only a matter of a few more months before the whole Vice City is reconstructed in GTA V. It’s a very ambitious project, since GTA V’s graphics are top-notch, but it’s something these GTA V modders are willing to undertake.

The Vice City mod for GTA V has definitely captured the 80s vibe of the previous GTA installment, GTA: Vice City, released in 2002. Vice City and San Andreas were the two hallmark titles that jumpstarted the GTA craze and to see the sun-kissed scenery at the GTA V Vice City mod video is a truly nostalgic ride.

The sun-kissed streets of Vice City

The sun-kissed streets of Vice City

However, if one thing is glaringly missing from the Vice City mod video, those are the trademark voices of Blondie and Iron Maiden in the radio. Vice City isn’t Vice City without these soundtracks.

While there are still no release dates for the Vice City mod as of date, it’s something GTA V players should really look forward to. And with GTA 6 still far on the horizon, GTA V players should just go all out and exhaust all they could exhaust in Rockstar’s current title.

GTA V is currently available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

[Image screenshots of Vice City mod video]

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