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WWE News: Vince McMahon Not Impressed With Main Roster Talent, Planning To Build Up Mid-Level Talent Soon

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WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon may finally be on the WWE NXT train for once. The Chairman has been known to be “out of touch” a lot over the years, but at times he shows signs of brilliance. Whether or not he is told of something, he allows it to be on WWE programming. Nothing goes out without Vince’s blessing and that will be a fact until he retires – well, dies… Vince will never retire.

It should come as no surprise that Vince wants to shake things up a bit now, especially seeing that his NXT product is as hot as it could be while his main roster is just showing up most days. According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince is said to not be impressed by a lot of his main roster talent. People like Seth Rollins are an exception, as he sees Rollins as one of the only people “reaching for the brass ring.”

People like Dean Ambrose are also said to be liked. It is said that his stock is rising by the day.

Many others though do not seem to be impressing McMahon. So he has sent out a directive to start pushing mid-level talent to see what they have to offer in a larger role with WWE. This seems like a good idea, as it will allow us to see what the lower card is made of. It’s a chance to break out for some, and that chance doesn’t come along very often. Now you know why it wasn’t a shock to see Zack Ryder in two title matches last week.

Vince is also hoping to bring up more WWE NXT stars before the year is up. Sami Zayn was expected to be up already but due to his injury those plans were put on hold. WWE ended up speeding up Kevin Owens’ main roster debut, which was set to take place a few months later. Owens has become a bigger star since his debut, so it was well worth bringing him up.

It is expected Finn Balor will also end up seeing the main roster by the end of the summer. It is unknown exactly what day or show, but potentially by August or September. In the meantime, he will be a huge part of WWE NXT since Owens is moving up full-time now.

It is a big time to be a mid-level guy in WWE. You’re getting a big chance. Now is the time to break out and become a star. People like Kevin Owens are doing it, same with Dean Ambrose. So we can expect to see a lot of interesting things happening down the line.

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